Tow Trucks: Why they took Yours without permission

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There are a number of reasons why your car got towed. It can only fall into two categories either you needed a towing service or you did something that it got towed. Towing In Waterville can be a blessing or a bane it depends on which side of the spectrum you are. If you got a towing service to tow your car because you’re stuck in a ditch or you’re simply stranded due to car problems; then cool for you but there are some who get their 64 chevy super sport cars towed without their permission and in seemingly for no reason. Here are some reasons why they towed your truck out of nowhere.

Reason 1 probably due to illegal parking. If you park your car illegally then expect that it’ll get towed out of nowhere. There is a reason why cars aren’t allowed to park in a spot and if you think you’re an exception you are not. You might be putting someone in danger because of it. So, make sure to not park illegally even if looking for a good parking spot is sometimes a pain in the back,  

Reason 2 probably due to the vehicles itself. If you are abusing your vehicle meaning you’ve let mother nature beat it and forgot its maintenance. Police may get your car towed this is because it is a dangerous thing to drive a car who doesn’t hav

e every essential thing it needs to work properly. This is endangering yourself and others around you.  

Reason 3 probably due to violations. If you have a mount of violations that you just put aside that could also be a reason for the towing of your car. That can be a pain and a total headache so settle the fines as soon as possible so you don’t have to go through this kind of hassle again.  

Reason 4 probably due to obstruction. This is actually something that you should be careful about. If you park your car in the wrong spot and you blocked a walkway or maybe a business establishment. If this is the case, they may be able to tow your car without asking your permission.  

Reason 5 probably due to private property. Some property owners won’t mind you parking your car in the property for a couple of minutes or if you ask them nicely but not all are like that. Property owners can have your car towed away and you have to answer to the cost too. So, make sure that you aren’t trespassing on any property and if you must then ask the owners if you can park it there.  

The key here is to make sure that you are careful when parking your car and that you know the law of the land so to speak. It isn’t a joke to have your convenient ride towed and pay for costs that isn’t in your budget.  So, to avoid all that hassle be a responsible driver.